Altijd op de hoogte blijven van het laatste nieuws

    Workaway at De Overhorn 2022/2023

    After graduating in France, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, gain new skills, and especially learn new things. I then decided to join de Overhorn in Holland during 2 months and
    today is my last day here. Every experience creates memories and it is important to share them. That’s why I’m going to tell you my story in Holland. I arrived here on December 14, 2022, the first
    day away from home, a new adventure begins ! I visited the property : a great place, I was impressed by its size and friendly atmosphere. I immediately received a very warm welcome.
    Joining the De Overhorn team has taught me a lot about the hotel business: working in a team, knowing how to share tasks, helping my colleagues when they have a lot to do, acquiring reflexes to
    check my work. Knowing how to interact with customers is also a skill that I was able to develop: introducing them to the place, answering their questions, and welcoming them at breakfast.
    I have also improved my cooking skills. I made breakfast for the clients, helped my colleagues to prepare lunch and made some evening meals. I also learned that the appearance of the dish is
    important, it must be colorful so that people want to taste it ! I also learned to eat more vegetables to better nourish my body.

    Being abroad is also opening up to a new culture. Thanks to the museum card that Irene gave me, I was able to visit many museums in Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, Nemo sience, Hermitage, Van
    Gogh… the one I liked the most was the Rijksmuseum with its magnificent library and the famous paintings The Milkmaid by Vermeer, the Self-Portrait by Van Gogh and The Night Watch by
    Rembrandt. I also tried local specialties like cheese, hagelslag, stroopwafel. I realized my first sauna, it is not common in France but I learned its beneficial aspects I also took care of different animals: chicken, sheep, cat, dog, horses. It was always nice to go for a horse ride in the areas around the site: there is a lot to see! During the rides, I could observe the nature here and learn the names of different birds and majestic trees. I learned to take care of the chickens and sheep (feeding them and cleaning their pens), which was a first for me! I also received love from two wonderful dogs and had a good laugh at the cats’ stunts.

    Finally, my experience allowed me to improve my English, I am much more comfortable speaking and I am very happy! I’m going back to France with lots of memories, new skills and lots of things
    to advise my French friends who want to go to Holland!

    I thank all the people I met for enriching my experience here. Especially Irene, Sebas, Diana, Diaan and Jennifer.