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Tips on how to have fun during your stay at the Overhorn.


The quaint historic town of Weesp has become a city area of the municipality of Amsterdam since March 2022.

People also sometimes call Weesp small Amsterdam. With its monumental buildings, canals and small stores, you can definitely see the influences of Amsterdam in this old fortified town, only it’s a lot quieter. So it’s ideal if you want the city feel, but without the crowds. It used to be different, because from the 12th to the end of the 15th century, Weesp was an important trading town. The river “the Vecht” was an immensely popular trade route for ships wishing to travel inland. However, there was a civil war at the end of the 15th century that ended this prosperity. Despite the civil war, Weesp is characterized by breweries, porcelain objects and the famous Van Houten cocoa factory.

Weesp has many historical sights and, from early spring to fall, is a cozy spot for boaters and those looking to escape the busy center of Amsterdam. Want to spend a weekend or a week in the Amsterdam area? If so, Weesp is the ultimate place to unwind, but it is also the ideal city for the adventurous among us.

Plop down on one of the terraces, cruise along river ‘de Vecht’ with a cottage on the water, take a scenic bike ride or discover the history of Weesp and visit the municipal museum. Everything is easy to do from the Overhorn.

Weesp is not very big and therefore you can do several activities in one day! Tip: Combine a weekend or day in Weesp with a visit to the nearby fortified town of Muiden.

There is plenty to do and see within walking distance of the Overhorn, or by bike. A small sample of the possibilities. For current information and hours of operation, click on the link.

  1. Walk around Fort Uitermeer and plop down at Porterhouse restaurant on the Vecht.
  2. Visit Corn Mill the Friendship, the mill store is open on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.
  3. Museum Weesp.
  4. Theater or film in the City of Wesopa.
  5. Visit the market on Tuesday mornings.
  6. Eat a Weespermop at 1920s pastry shop Wesselman.
  7. The Green Griffin, organic farm, cheese making, farm store, picking garden.
  8. Be surprised at the Weesper Automaten Kabinet.
  9. Buy nice clothes at Karin Wesselman fashion.
  10. Wispe Brewery and beer store in the 1462 St. Laurens Church.
  11. Look beautiful plants at at Bastion Bakkerschans from 1674.
  12. Events, concerts and exhibitions at The Van Houten Church.
  13. Playing 18 holes of ball? Par 3 and Par4 course at Golf Weesp.
  14. Need a day of relaxation? Sauna SpaWeesp.
  15. Buy the most delicious nuts and cheese at Pronk Cheese & Delicatessen.
  16. Have lunch at Marije’s: Thuiz, Coffee – Food – Lifestyle.
  17. And eat Nelis’ice cream at Nelis Ice Cream Parlor.

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