Atmosphere, coziness and comfort are characteristic of Boerenhofstede de Overhorn.

A place where personal attention is key, every day. You can only do that with a top-notch team!

A passionate, committed and caring team is at your service. We are on standby for early morning breakfasts and end-of-day arrivals at our Bed & Breakfast. Convenient to coordinate your arrival time with us, there will always be someone there to check you in personally, have a chat and give you directions. Meet Natasja, Mardou, Klaske, Cate, Irene and Sebas below.

Our hostesses ensure that the company is pampered in the meeting room and that they lack nothing. Read
our guestbook
For the experiences of our visitors.

“When I arrived for my job interview at the Overhorn, I knew right away that I wanted to work here. Originally I am a hospitality worker so hard work and Hospitality are not unknown to me and combined with a natural environment it is totally fantastic for me. A unique place to be allowed to work, no two days are the same and that makes it unique.

It is mostly hard work, as there is always something to do. But what a lot you get in return: with myself a smile every day when I walk towards the car and all the work is done again.
If you arrive in the early morning you are greeted by 2 lovely dogs Zari and Bear (mother and son) who indicate that they are glad you’re here again, in between you hear the chickens and our rooster herald the dawn, the 3 horses Tyra and AEvi whinny and oh there Arie and Red the cats (2 brothers) run past with a prey in their mouths again…. Great!

As owners, Irene and Sebastiaan work extremely hard to keep this business running, and hospitality is their top priority. You can’t help but get caught up in that and become inspired. I can say that I consider myself lucky to have a job on this fantastic farm!”

Mardou “I am Mardou, I live with my family in Kortenhoef. I have been working at the Overhorn since this season. After 20 years working in the visually impaired care, it was time for something completely different, but what? Until I saw this coming along and thought that’s fun. People work too, hard work but no big pressure. Working in this beautiful environment with lots of animals, close to home, biking to work…. Super nice! We have a very nice team and the work is very varied, that makes it never boring. Bring on all the nice guests we can make happy!”

is our flying keeper in the field of technology and maintenance, he always knows how to come up with a solution immediately. Together with René, he does the maintenance of the yard, pond and garden. If you have a question about the WiFi, television or how the cooktop works, he knows the answer. He also helps take care of the animal mess and checks in guests.

“Nothing like checking in guests and hearing all the oooo’s and aaaa’s upon seeing the location, rooms and apartments. 99% of guests are pleasantly surprised. I like to explain to them what there is to do, give useful tips for traveling to Amsterdam or biking in the area. I then often see them at breakfast the next morning and am delighted by all the stories of the -international- guests. So cozy in the breakfast kitchen to listen to the experiences and especially the contacts among the nice guests. Great to communicate with them in Holland, French, German or English and always special what connects us.

René is our all-rounder in the garden. In a 2-acre yard, it is nice to take care of the greenery together.

Klaske Has been our horse girl for many, many years. She came looking for a grooming pony when she was 11 years old. Helping out in the BB she also enjoyed and on weekends she is still available as an extra help. We are very happy about that, because there is no one who can make the beds as tightly as she can.

Cate is also a horse girl pur sang and she also does chores in the BB on weekends. Very happy with her help, especially on the busy Sundays.