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Boxed in!

Frank Rigter – As a multiple boxing champion of both South and North Holland and NK finalist, Frank knows the impact boxing can have on you and your life. In his training, Frank has learned to use boxing as a tool for personal growth. Also because of his experience in social care he has supervised many change processes. Frank sees coaching and boxing as the ideal combination to achieve breakthroughs. In addition, as an entrepreneur, partner, brother & father of 2 beautiful sons, Frank is aware how difficult it can be to keep so many balls in the air. When both individuals and teams can perform and flourish optimally in every aspect of life, that’s what makes Frank happy and that’s what drives him!

Team Development

During these sessions, the focus is on the team. Who are you, where do you want to go and what is needed to do that. Together we look at where the strengths of the team and the individual lie, as well as the development points, and a concrete plan is made for them. Themes that often recur are: communication, conflict management, team building, collaboration, connection & leadership

Team development can be given in workshops (2h), a half day (4h), but also a whole day or even several days. The program will be customized. Entirely on the demand & ambition of the team.

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Vitality Workshops

Workshops are a bit more low-key. Workshops often last around 2 hours. Themes commonly covered include: mindset, setting boundaries, team building, dealing with stress & workload, boxing meditation and connection. Workshops should be fun and relaxing in addition to impact.

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Leadership Day

You live in a world where almost everything is uncertain. What is certain in life is that the sun rises and sets every day. And that one day we will die. It starts with yourself. Being able to stay close to yourself, to take and keep control of yourself despite everything that is going on outside of you. Taking control of your life and going for impact and growth. That is personal leadership: who are you NOW that makes you have the result you have now. And who do you have to BE to get the result you really want?
Result? More peace & energy, more decisive, efficient & productive, more insight & awareness.
Topics covered include: mindset, vision, drives, beliefs, behavior, boundaries & development.

This training takes one day specifically geared toward entrepreneurs. Cost is 250 ex VAT per participant. (Max 14-16)

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Primal Focus

Justin van den Berg – is a professional breath coach, holistic life coach and ice bath trainer. Founder and owner of Primal Focus Cold Exposure since 2020.

“Justin focuses on the self-healing ability of the individual”

It is my passion to help you experience that you are capable of more than you think. To provide you with the tools to move yourself forward, connecting you more deeply with the power of your true nature. To achieve this, I use techniques such as breath work, life coaching and exposure to ice cold water. When we more deeply accept what we are feeling we are more likely to remain calm in stressful situations. As a result, life starts flowing again the way it was meant to.

My holistic approach is based on my view of the body and mind as a dynamically integrated organic system in constant relationship with its environment.

Ice bath workshop

Do you want to experience what your body is capable of?
Want to feel more deeply connected to your inner power?
Do you want to expand your frames of comfort to be more resilient and decisive in life?

To remain calm in survival mode, we must be willing to push our limits. Those who are willing to step out of their comfort zone are more likely to reach their full potential. We as humans have lost connection with our primal force, but by breathing more consciously and exposing yourself to the cold, such as an ice bath, you get back in touch with yourself and your health as nature intended.

During the ice bath workshop, you will learn how to relax in a stressful situation. The way we breathe is directly related to how we manage our emotions, stress and relaxation. Consciously breathing deeper changes the chemistry in the body. With this we influence the PH value of our blood and through this we regulate and reduce inflammation in our body.

The program

  • Breathing session
  • Body movement/activation, warming from within
  • Coaching in mindset and connection between body and mind
  • Ice Bath

In the workshop, we focus on 3 elements:

  • Breathe
  • Mindset
  • Cold Exposure

These 3 focal points offer you tremendous physical and mental benefits.

What does it provide?

  • enhanced immune system
  • detoxifies the body
  • affects the nervous system
  • more persuasion
  • more focus
  • more energy
  • better relaxation
  • learn to better control your breathing
  • increase your overall resilience
  • getting out of thoughts and into your feelings with all the senses

Workshop duration ± 2.5 hours


  • bathing slippers
  • swimwear
  • towel

Price: € 675,- ex VAT


Do you want to feel more freedom to be yourself?
Would you like to experience more inner peace?
Feeling more deeply connected to your authentic self?

We breathe all our lives, but often unconsciously. Few people know that 80% of our energy supply comes from our breath, and most people use only 20% to 30% of their lung capacity. During a breathing session, you are invited to use your full lung capacity. As a result, we move energy in a way that life wants to flow through us.
Breathwork is a dynamic exercise between body and mind using consciously connected breathing techniques. This makes it possible to access unconsciously stored memories, unspoken emotions or energetic blockages held in the body. When we change breathing patterns, we can directly affect our physical, mental and emotional state of being. This altered state of consciousness brings you out of thoughts and into your feelings.
Breathwork brings us into a state of deep relaxation where blockages, resistance and tension are set in motion and we more easily open to deeper layers within ourselves.

Breathwork opens us to:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Emotional balance
  • Mental clarity
  • Inner wisdom
  • Silence and an open heart

Breathwork gives us space and relaxation to allow stuck emotions to flow again. The harmonizing effect teaches us to better understand our body’s language, allowing us to live more freely, happily and authentically.

Everything you need to know is already inside you, out of the head into the heart.

Workshop duration 2 hours
Price: €350,- ex VAT

Heart at Work

Daphne Wiersma (1967) – of Hart aan het Werk is a professional coach and supervisor with over 15 years of experience. Her specialization is heart coherence, dialogue and nonviolent communication.
‘I offer peace in the hustle and bustle, am available. I entice you to dwell on what really matters; encourage you to follow your heart. I show you that you have influence over yourself and your environment. Indeed, counterforce is needed in this fast-paced world where we are constantly “on,” receiving stimuli, where it is the norm to be too busy. It takes people being themselves and doing what is right.
I strive to be the change I want to see. My optimism, trust in people, love of development, open mindedness and kindness are reflected in my work attitude. I am always trying to find the courage to step out of patterns that are not serving. My professional and personal development go hand in hand. In my work, my intention is to tread lightly on serious matters’.

About Heart at Work

‘The longest way a man has to travel in his life is 50 centimeters to connect his head with his heart.’

We value our brain and develop our mind. This starts at an early age. Doing your best in school, being wise, choosing the highest possible education and making a career. That is a valued path. Dealing with emotions and doing what really suits you are in danger of snowing under.
If there is an imbalance between head and heart, you notice it by, for example, always being on, going over your limits, experiencing a dissatisfaction (“is this all?”), sometimes having a short fuse, sleeping poorly or having regular mild physical complaints.

Heart at Work brings people who are in their heads a lot closer to their hearts so they experience inner peace and do what is right for them. Where others remain woolly or theoretical, Heart at Work makes it concrete.

Workshop Heart at Work:

In this workshop you will gain new knowledge about how your heart and head work together. You get eye-openers that make you look differently at your functioning in your daily work and private life. For example, after the workshop you will understand why enjoyment is so important, why you sometimes freak out or cannot think clearly when you are agitated. Heart coherence is a key concept in this workshop that will be explained in more detail.

Uniquely, in this workshop you get feedback from your heart: how I feel now, are my head and heart in balance? Of course, you won’t leave until you know how to create that balance yourself with a simple technique you can do at work and at home.
If you do this regularly, the results are: more inner peace, more clarity of mind, more energy and vitality, more emotionally balanced and better health

Workshops range from 2 to 4 hours.

Inspiration session Heart at Work

The elements from the Heart at Work workshop are covered in 1 hour:

  • Knowledge about heart-brain communication
  • Feedback from heart coherence
  • Learning a simple technique to relax effectively

You walk out the door inspired with something you will do to be “heart at work,” so that you experience inner peace and do what is right.

Follow-up Services For those who really want to make a shift from working hard to working with your heart, there is as a follow-up the option of a licensed coaching program “Working on Resilience. The license is with HeartMath Benelux, reimbursed by Livvit and Present package for among others all colleges in the Netherlands. 7 sessions, individual, online or physical, with biofeedback equipment, validated before and after measurement and workbook.
For teams or incompany, there is also the group training “Working on Resilience” of at least 3 half-day sessions.

Heart ritual – group

The heart ritual is a powerful tool for consciously ending a phase and marking a new beginning. This may be for a group of employees or a team that is closing a tough phase or has gone through a reorganization.
The heart ritual uses a ceramic heart, based on the Japanese art form Kintsugi. The ritual consists of several steps of connecting to the heart and what lives in it, opening (breaking) the heart and healing the heart. This form makes the intangible tangible, expressing a personal process without words. After this, there is often only really room for new beginnings.

An intake is required for this group meeting.

Heart-to-heart communication

In this workshop we will engage in conversation using a method that very easily gets you moving toward a goal that is important to your team or network. Following a set structure, you discover, share and arrive at inspired action.
An example: a team wants to work better together. They go through 7 steps within 1 to 2 hours. Each member of the network makes an individual decision about what he will do or not do to contribute to better cooperation. Very simple.
Connection and movement emerge. People really experience it as a different conversation.
What is it about?
It can cover topics such as collaboration, feedback, sustainability, health or work happiness. You choose something that is important to you.
What does it provide?
More connection occurs, people take new steps, feel heard, listen better to each other, help each other and come up with fresh solutions to bottlenecks. Participants are often surprised at the character of the conversation and the feeling it gives them. They really experience it as a different conversation.

Workshop duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Smarter support

My name is Antoinette Aris of Smarter Support. I coach employees to a healthy lifestyle and weight, so that through a healthy diet at work and at home, they are healthier, more energetic, fitter and more vital again. A healthy employee performs better and is more motivated. I’m all about lasting results, a personally tailored program, more energy and better performance.

I have specialized as: – accredited weight consultant and sports nutritionist – nutrition specialist hormonal complaints – nutrition coach for children – lifestyle coach – exercise consultant – vitality coach

I believe in:

  • a lasting healthy lifestyle and weight
  • healthy and tasty food
  • sufficient sleep
  • enough exercise
  • knowing what you eat

I don’t believe in: – ‘miracle’ weight loss pills – (crash) diets – meal replacements – complicated advice

My mission:
As a vitality coach & weight consultant, I coach employees toward a lasting healthy lifestyle and an appropriate healthy weight. Don’t expect dietary hypes or complicated advice from me. I believe in honest, pure food and provide practical tips that work well with the rhythm of the day and show how easy smart choices can be made.
It is of great importance to implement physical vitality as an essential part of the vitality plan at companies, so that there are sufficient healthy choices and employees are positively encouraged to go for a healthier lifestyle.

Get Smarter, Demand Support!
More and more companies are investing in employee vitality. After all, employees are the heart of an organization. So when employees feel good, they are more energetic, more engaged, more productive and more sustainably employable. And that is pure profit for the employer, because it reduces sick leave and increases productivity.
Proper nutrition is the most important source of energy for your body. With healthy and tasty food, you can do something for your body. You get more energy, are more comfortable in your skin, and you are sick less often.
You can compare your body to a car and your food to the fuel. It is important to make sure you have enough fuel, or the tank will run out. In addition, it is also important to make sure you have the right fuel to prevent your engine from running in the soup.
Making employees aware of not only what is sufficient fuel, but also what is the right fuel, increases knowledge about nutrition in an educational and fun way. Awareness helps create motivation to actually change behavior and choose a healthy lifestyle with a corresponding healthy weight.

Interactive workshops:

From No Energy to One Energy

You have those days when you can’t get ahead and have no energy to do anything at all. Getting energy depends on the nutrition you give your body and your brain. Curious about which foods are energy-eaters and which foods are energy-givers?
This workshop will give you helpful tips and quickly get more energy by making small changes in your lifestyle and diet. With more energy, you get more out of your body!

Know what you’re eating!

Before we implement (and maintain long-term) new behaviors, we must first develop the intention to do so.
Before intention comes “motivation,” because someone must first really want to change. But to want to change, you must first be aware that good health cannot be taken for granted. By sharing information and knowledge about nutrition, I increase awareness of the consequences of unhealthy foods and lifestyles.

Reading labels

When you walk in the supermarket, the pretty pictures, advertising slogans and claims fly around your ears. This often misrepresents the actual content of a product. Don’t be fooled by the packaging.
Nearly three-quarters of products for sale in the supermarket are found to be unhealthy.
As a result, we eat too little of what’s good for them and too much of what we don’t need, resulting in a growing rate of obesity.
This workshop teaches you to recognize what is healthy food and what is unhealthy food.

The 2-hour workshops cost €450.00. Full-day workshops are €550.00.

Pathway for companies: ‘The healthy workplace’

Few organizations already offer healthy lunch options. Or thinking along to help employees get and stay at a healthy weight.

I help organizations with my vitality program “the Healthy Workplace” to improve physical vitality within the company.
I do this by adjusting lunch offerings and providing education on healthy eating. The vitality program the healthy workplace helps companies provide sufficient healthy lunch options and by providing education on healthy eating, which can encourage employees to change behavior in an approachable and friendly way.
I analyze and optimize the canteen, and conduct interactive workshops on what healthy food is and what the consequences of unhealthy food are, which foods energize and which ones take your energy, allowing for active and conscious healthier choices.
For more information and costs visit www.slimmersupport.nl/bedrijven.

Meet Vegan!

I am Priscilla Koster. As a vegan nutritionist, I let people experience what (healthy) vegan food can do for the body, mind and energy level. As a culinary consultant for the hospitality industry, I guide chefs and caterers with the transition to more healthy vegan options on the menu.

My motto: “Plant-based nutrition does so much more than nourish!”

In a world where we keep losing connection with ourselves, we need honest, pure and healthy food that nourishes your body and mind.
It is my mission that you can get an inspiring, healthy, delicious vegan meal anywhere. Also in the workplace or home office.
At Meet Vegan! people are introduced to vegan cuisine in an approachable way, including through culinary inspiration sessions and trainings. I also provide these trainings for companies as a team outing or as part of improving employee vitality.

Team building vegan cooking workshop

The Meet Vegan! cooking workshop will introduce you to adventurous vegan cuisine AND teach you how to prepare your own full-fledged vegan meals. All this without meat substitutes.

The team building cooking workshop also helps reveal patterns in the team. Participants are encouraged to activate the creative brain and come up with a self-created dish. Afterwards, the prepared dishes are enjoyed together.

A team building cooking workshop lasts 3.5 hours. The minimum number of participants is 5 and maximum number of participants is 20.

Groups 0-10 participants: €550 excl. VAT
Groups 11-20 participants: € 650 excl. VAT
Price does not include ingredient boxes and materials.

Lunch inspiration session

In this short lunch inspiration session, you will learn the basics of vegan cooking in 1 to 1.5 hours and learn what a healthy vegan meal consists of.
Lunch will be shared at the end and participants will go home with solid knowledge of vegan cuisine to work with at home.

Flat rate € 250 excl. VAT

Meet Vegan! in the workplace

I train the caterer or chef of the company canteen in preparing energizing vegan food for the canteen and put together energy-boosting meeting and home office menus (including daily menu suggestions).

That makes for inspiring, healthy vegan food choices all the time. And that makes for healthier, energetic employees, lower absenteeism and simply more energy in the workplace.

Together with the chef or caterer, I create vegan dishes that fit the season and the existing assortment in the canteen. The dishes are prepared jointly with the chef in master class form, after which the chef can work with them independently.

The course consists of an introduction and menu scan, development of 4 vegan dishes, 2-hour master class with the chef/caterer, including basic knowledge of vegan cuisine and vegan hospitality training.

Vegan event catering

Vegan cuisine is innovative and sustainable. Balanced vegan meals and snacks provide energy and focus. Perfect as support for a retreat or training.
At Meet Vegan, we believe it is important to nourish body and mind with energizing, inspiring vegan food. Food that the body draws strength from and is “nourishing” for the mind.
We therefore work exclusively with fresh organic produce, grown locally whenever possible. Because every body is different, we like to accommodate specific dietary needs.
We cater for groups of up to 25 people. Price on quotation basis.

My personal story

From the moment I got my head above the kitchen counter, I was helping my mother in the kitchen. At least, I mostly baked cookies and cakes, because I loved food! Still is, by the way!
Years ago, I rigorously overhauled my diet. I wanted to be HEALTHY and be POSITIVE in life. Plant-based nutrition has made me happier, feel life energy flowing, I am positive, happy and happier than ever. I beam from the inside out. I got all into plant-based cuisine and made it my own. Creating new dishes is what makes my heart beat faster. There is still so much to explore in plant-based cuisine.

Soul Stories Academy & Retreats

(Re)find yourself and life mission, for individuals and teams.

Roeselien Wekker – Trainer, (NLP, Intuitive, Hypno) coach and discussion leader.
Roeselien is uplifting, transparent, honest and decisive.

Since 2011 Roeselien is a specialist in the field of Identity, Presentation and Personal leadership she scores an average of 9.6 for her training and coaching. Before this, she spent 20 years on the theater stage and in front of the television camera. She trains, coaches for professionals who aspire to greater visibility and sharp presentations to the outside world. In addition, she is much in demand as a moderator. For the past 12 years, Roeselien has trained thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers on how to get their identity, story and pitch sharper and more convincing. The basis of this story is the important pillar Identity and life mission, your soul’s story

Roeselien is founder of Pitch You! Netherlands and Soul Stories retreats & Academy the latter will become its core business as of September 1, 2022.

Roeselien Wekker is founder of two companies the one provides retreats in Morocco and the other guides professionals on three main pillars namely: Identity, Presentation & Personal Leadership. Before this, Roeselien was a professional artist for theater and television for 20 years. Roeselien has a background in NLP, Intuitive coaching and is now studying to be a hypnotherapist.

“We believe that everyone has a story and that story needs to be told. Think when you are starting a career and want to set your course, when you have burn out symptoms and are looking for your new vitality or as an ambitious professional part of a team looking for his/her place in the whole.”

Every company and individual has its unique DNA. At the same time, every human being is also essentially the same, we seek connection with ourselves and the life around us. We at Soul Stories Academy & Retreats believe that with the right ratio of confidence, fun and energy, any ambitious professional can add value for the greater good. An interplay that puts you as a professional exactly where you are supposed to be.

Soul Stories Team Retreats

Identity and personal leadership.

Step 1 to a strong team is an individual who knows his/her worth and is also always looking for a win-win. (Re)discovering your identity is essential in this.
What are my values? How do I make this verbal? What is my vision of myself and the world around me? How do i translate that to my position on the team? How do I convince my colleague and inspire rather than sell myself or product or service?

You will get answers to this after attending this 1 or 2-day training (with possible return day). Identity, presentation and conversation skills, storytelling and personal leadership and breathwork (Justin van den Berg).

In addition to training, this team session can also be booked as a 2-hour workshop, a 4-hour half-day workshop. It is always customized.

Soul Stories Masterclasses

Soul stories blueprint storyline.

Soul Stories Academy provides master classes for professionals seeking greater depth and reflection in that important story that sets in motion all that one aspires to. Your soul’s story blueprint storyline. This is about communication and presentation, identity and inner connection and uncovering and (partially) resolving limiting beliefs (including through NLP and Hypno therapy). Live 2 hours, Online 1.5 hours

In addition to the master classes. With a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 8 live and 12 online, we organize 1-on-1 coaching sessions. To learn more, click here!

Presentation and storytelling session

Especially for entrepreneurs who want their pitch sharp.

Turning your story into new services and products, improving your presentation skills and even thinking about becoming a speaker. In this session we will work on the theory surrounding public speaking in the broad sense, put the psychology of the listener at the center through techniques that are universal and as old as the philosopher Aristotle established some 2,300 years ago. We’ll work on storytelling and figures of style, and you’ll write your pitch according to the pitch structure of Soul Stories Academy (now called Pitch You! Netherlands). A pitch that touches people and puts them in action mode for your ideas. To learn more, click here!