Our apartments are often booked by professionals. Mostly they are people with irregular working hours, who are away from home a lot. They greatly appreciate being able to take care of their own drinks. If they have to leave before dawn, they appreciate being able to prepare themselves – without bothering anyone – a full breakfast in their apartment, sometimes even with a fresh egg (from our own chickens). Others stick to a single “cup of Nespresso,” in their own kitchen.

This is all easy to imagine, a kind of “home away from home.

Somewhat more surprising is the increasingly common question in bookings about parking options. Yet, everywhere, and especially in the Randstad, it seems increasingly difficult to park safely. And especially if it is a nice car or work bus with expensive and essential items. How often do you hear about musical instruments or tools being stolen with trailer and all? You shouldn’t think about it, just the hassle of reporting it to the police, replacing your stuff, hassles with insurance…. Fortunately, we have gated grounds, an entrance gate with codes, cameras and not least our faithful four-legged friends. Our parking lot is now completely finished, completely paved and not visible from the public road. Thus, everyone can visit a safe yard and go to sleep with peace of mind.

Secure parking included, at the Overhorn.