Overhorn animal pleasure

If you come to sleep or meet at the Overhorn, you’ll be in happy company of 2 Icelandic horses roaming the yard. And in the orchard walks our Ryland sheep, scavenges 10 hens and a rooster and 90000 bees fly. Convenient to avoid walking in front of the hives.

Then we have two sweet guard dogs of our own, mother Rhodesian Ridgeback Zari and son shepherd mix Bear. Two mischievous kittens, Red and Arie, complete the critter pack.

If you come to the meeting location Echt aan de Vecht, in the former cattle barn, you will have a view of the horses “trek,” you can see them walking around the property.

The horses, dogs and cats are very happy to receive a hug or pet, but please don’t feed them, and watch out for the fence at the horses. Express request is not to leave animals in the rooms or apartments. There are sometimes guests who are hypersensitive to animal hair or flakes.

Taking animals is not possible

Because the dogs really feel like heirloom dogs, no pets are allowed. Needless to say, with all the animal stuff running loose, it is good to drive carefully in the yard. The cats shoot right out of a flowerbed in front of you.

From the chickens we have fresh eggs every day and the honey is from our bees.

great tit-overhornBird watching

We also have an enormous number of birds in the garden and at the edge of the Naardermeer, the garden birds like blackbirds, thrushes, nuthatches, pigeons, and we also get regular visits from a barn owl. In Lake Naardermeer, there are a lot of different.

The birds, the goldfinches with their beautiful colors return every year and a Short-toed Eagle was recently spotted. There is a cormorant colony, you can spot egrets, spoonbills and also other rare bird species. The Bittern sometimes comes to the edge of our yard, very impressive.

And for the fearful: yes, we also have ring snakes in the garden. Fortunately, those don’t do anything at all, even if you pick them up they don’t bite.

In the spring, you wake up to the sounds of frogs dwelling in our pond and the ditches around our yard. Even at night you hear the occasional concert winding up.

Next to our yard, on the grounds of the Naardermeer, the Galloway cows walk, completely harmless, so you can just walk the path, just keep a little distance if there are calves walking with them.