The orchard is already full of juicy apples, pears and delicious plums, picked by ourselves in September. From the apples we make our own delicious Overhorn apple juice. We drive about 600 kilos of apples to the Betuwe every year and there the apples are rinsed clean, pressed and the juice is briefly heated. We then drive back with over 100 packs of 5-liter apple juice, those packs have a 2-year shelf life and honestly, we just barely make it, because there is always a pack open in the B&B kitchen, from which guests can tap freely. Visitors to our hall also greatly appreciate having a suit put in front of them. From the plums we make plum cake for our guests. The delicious recipe is based on almond flour, very healthy homemade treat for coffee. We also make the tastiest jams from the fresh blackberries, raspberries and plums. Én, we have lots of walnuts from the trees every year.