Our Pascal, who has just joined us for a few months, comes running into the office startled. This is not strange; most guests are also afraid of a snake. With us, you really don’t have to be afraid or anxious about it. I go to look and indeed, it is a grass snake as long as 90 cm, perfectly harmless. One of the cats arrived with it and fortunately he is unharmed. I pick him up and bring him to the edge of the ditch. The grass snake often sits in clean areas between water, open terrain for sunbathing and also looks for places to hide. The grass snake likes to live with us on the edge of the Naardermeer with peat bog and near our grove, under the branch piles, in the brood pile next to the compost pile it makes its nest. You can recognize it by its round eyes, keeled scales and two distinct white-yellow and black spots behind the head. It looks like a kind of V or light ring. Dear guests, this snake is not poisonous and does not even bite when caught. If you guys find it scary I will gladly take it away from you. The same goes for spiders and mice, by the way.