This can be done directly opposite the Overhorn in the river Vecht, but especially in the Spiegelplas, where you will find crystal clear water, beautifully overgrown banks and picturesque vistas towards Nederhorst den Berg. Besides swimming, you can also dive.

It has been scientifically proven that a cold stimulus causes the production of “brown fat” to produce heat, also “dangerous” white fat is burned better. It reduces the risk of diabetes and there are many other health effects.

If you go winter swimming, or swim a little further in Spiegelplas in the summer, beware of hypothermia, wear a wetsuit and water (hand) shoes if necessary. Pay attention to your breathing, never go alone and bring a swimsafer so you are visible and have a flotation device with you.

The lake is as deep as 48 meters in some places. It used to be a polder in which peat was extracted, under the peat was a huge layer of sand. Among other things, this sand was used for the construction of the Amsterdam Southeast, between 1934 and 1980.

In the summer, you can play and sunbathe on one of the idyllic beaches of this wide lake, and we from the Overhorn then go for a nice swim with the horses in the Spiegelplas.